Our History

In 2004 our team has been formed by two transgender people who have started a support group.  
Now the team is composed of 13 transgender and 2 non transgender activists.


Self-Appraisal And Life Quality Of Transgenders

The movie "Gender. How it is made?" movie is started filming.
By Yael Demedetsky|June 21th,2016|6 Comments

Difference Of Needs Of Binary And Non-Binary Transgenders

The newly initiated ‘Difference Of Needs Of Binary And Non-Binary Transgenders’ study may help efficiently apply assisting services and techniques to different transgender groups depending on their self-determination and self-identification.
By Elena Likhomanova|May 12th,2007|14 Comments

Self-Appraisal And Life Quality Of Transgenders

The aim of the ‘Self-Appraisal And Life Quality Of Transgenders’ study is to develop practical guidelines for both experts and common people in selection of the most effective self-realization ways in order to help to reduce the level of depression among transgenders and their suicidal risks.
By Roza Kumchenko|May 20th,2016|6 Comments

The Study Of The Time Perception Among Transgenders

Results of ‘The Study Of The Time Perception Among Transgenders’ have been presented at the international conference of students, graduates and young researches ‘Lomonosov 2016” (held in Moscow University) and at the contest of works of MSU’s Psychology Faculty students held by the Student’s Research Society.
By Elena Likhomanova|May 12th,2007|14 Comments

Transgender parenting in Russia

Results of a study focusing on transgender family problems (‘Transgender parenting in Russia’) have been presented at a roundtable discussion of LGBT problems in the frame of the 5th International Conference on AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia held in Moscow on March 23-25, 2016. In the end of April, the same study has been presented to the 10th conference ‘The Modern Russian Society and Sociology’ dedicated to the memory of Yu. Levada. You may wish to have look at the presentation. [link]
By Boris Denisov|March 23th,2016|6 Comments

Science Researches

Transgender Fund had organized a Gender dynamics research (GDR by TGF) group in cooperation with academic researchers and enthusiast students from Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics. 80% of the group’s members represent the transgender community, while the rest share values of LGBT rights and feminist values. To the best of our knowledge this is the first research group in Russia , and one of the few worldwide focusing particularly on transgenders’ problems and needs. The group’s mission consists in popularization of the study results among experts, LGBT organizations and population as well as in practical implementation of the results to help and develop the transgender community.
By Yael Demedetsky|September 12th,2015|3 Comments


By Andrey Demedetsky|June 14th,2015|9 Comments

Psychiatrist expertise

Since in many countries the psychiatrist expertise required to get permission to change documentary sex our team established own psychotric expertise to fasten the process and make it the most friendly for transgenders who are willing to change there documentary gender.
By Yael Demedetsky|October 12th,2013|7 Comments


By Andrey Demedetsky|March 03th,2013|14 Comments

The First Transgender Medical Center

By Yael Demedetsky|October 11th,2011|39 Comments


By Andrey Demedetsky|September 23th,2011|11 Comments

Cosmetology service

Beauty salon is opened in Moscow to provide friendly environment for transgenders who needed for life-saving cosmetology services like depilation.
By Yael Demedetsky|May 20th,2007|14 Comments

Products for transgenders

First shop is opened at Moscow and on the web to supply transgender by products which helps to improve personal socializing e.g. stand-to-pee devices, binders, breast prosthesis and many many more.
By Andrey Demedetsky|April 08th,2007|6 Comments

Foundation Transgender

Foundation Transgender was established to systematize activities and attract finance to widen help for transgenders .
By Yael Demedetsky|December 27th,2006|3 Comments

Work with medical specialists

Our team started to work with medical specialist to help to improve health care for transgenders.
By Andrey Demedetsky|July 04th,2006|9 Comments

Dating service

Transgender dating service was established at transgender.su by our team.
By Yael Demedetsky|September 12th,2013|7 Comments

Free personal psychologist

The free service of private psychologist help started functioning for transgenders.
By Andrey Demedetsky|February 06th,2005|14 Comments

Web Portal for transgenders

Transgender.ru web portral is created to provide informational support and for help in communication among transgenders.
By Yael Demedetsky|October 11th,2004|39 Comments

Psychological support

The support group for transgenders started working on weekly basis.
By Andrey Demedetsky|September 23th,2004|11 Comments