Gender Dynamics Research
by Foundation Transgender
Our brilliant transgender research team is using the most advanced science methodology.
Medical Care

A clinic was founded which provided medical care by medical specialists (psychologists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, surgeons) and diagnostic services for transgenders.

Psychological Support

Psychological assistance, the organization of support groups, regular meetings are provided by our team.

Science Research

Research on general transgender topics and related are conducted

Informational Support

Mass-media are attracted by our team to provide information for transgenders and about real transgender situaion.

Our Services

Our work is aimed to provide access to physicians, internists, endocrinologists, surgeons, etc. which working with transgenders. Our specialists undergo additional special training, including: special transgender health care related to sex reassignment surgeries, the social and psychological specific of work with such patients.

To engage our team in own psychological, sociological, biological studies of the phenomenon of transgender. We consider transgenders on all sides of human life, formulate and describe new and extend the already known knowledge on the subject. Major of our researchers also are transgender, or work with transgenders professionally them.

Our team provides aestetic help for transgenders. Currently it includes a clothing store services for transgender people "Transdostavka" which offers a rare sizes and styles, unique products for transgender people as well as professional services for hair removal and correction of hair growth on the body and face where cosmetologists are familiar with the objectives and features of life of this group of patients.

Legal consultations and support are provided to help those transgenders who want to change documents. In 2016 the service housing (Trans-hostel) is launched . We provide employment support since transgendered people involved in all projects. In 2016 the project will be launched to help transgender people in employment, including work with large Russian organizations.

We conduct free psychological and social adaptation groups for transgender people. There are different group kinds for transsexuals, crossdressers, gender-queer, self-help groups and with the participation of a clinical psychologist. We have the opportunity of individual meetings with a psychologist for a variety of psychological problems for transgender persons. Also lectures related to different transgender and genderqueer issues

Our Abilities

We work in all directions and are constantly expanding the scope of our interests, when there are questions or problems that directly affect the lives of transgender. For participants and partners are constantly held scheduled meetings and reports that allow you to control the time and the status of each project. Each project often involves several areas:


Psychology and sociology


Demography and statistic

Our major research


Transgender is an umbrella class (category) combining people of different sexual identifications, orientations and behaviours.

Recently, some articles in printed media described the experience of change of both sex and social status as well as arising problems related to a social and family ties, job situation, and everyday life. The akin materials are called anecdotic evidence, they draw attention to the subject and show that the problem does exist. Nonetheless, it is almost impossible to find some unbiased information. The Russian society features the high level of xenophobia and tends to discriminate minorities. Along with that, lack of unbiased information about transgenders is characteristic to more advanced countries too. While at the very initial stage, topical studies are already being conducted though. Russia does lag behind, but not very much so.

To conduct this kind of studies, Transgender Fund had organized a Gender dynmics research (GDR by TGF) group in cooperation with academic researchers and enthusiast students from Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics. 80% of the group’s members represent the transgender community, while the rest share values of LGBT rights and feminist values. To the best of our knowledge this is the first research group in Russia , and one of the few worldwide focusing particularly on transgenders’ problems and needs. The group’s mission consists in popularization of the study results among experts, LGBT organizations and population as well as in practical implementation of the results to help and develop the transgender community.

Results of a study focusing on transgender family problems (‘Transgender parenting in Russia’) have been presented at a roundtable discussion of LGBT problems in the frame of the 5th International Conference on AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia held in Moscow on March 23-35, 2016. In the end of April, the same study has been presented to the 10th conference ‘The Modern Russian Society and Sociology’ dedicated to the memory of Yu. Levada. You may wish to have look at the presentation. []

Results of ‘The Study Of The Time Perception Among Transgenders’ have been presented at the international conference of students, graduates and young researches  ‘Lomonosov 2016” (held in Moscow University) and at the contest of works of MSU’s Psychology Faculty students held by the Student’s Research Society.

The aim of the ‘Self-Appraisal And Life Quality Of Transgenders” study is to develop practical guidelines for both experts and common people in selection of the most effective self-realization ways in order to help to reduce the level of depression among transgenders and their suicidal risks.

The newly initiated “Difference Of Needs Of Binary And Non-Binary Transgenders” study may help efficiently apply assisting services and techniques to different transgender groups depending on their self-determination and self-identification.

Now, we are preparing technical prerequisites to conduct an estimation of the size of different transgender groups and study possible medical, social and cultural differences within the transgenderness. All the Fund’s activities have a pronounced interdisciplinary nature and are based on a complex approach. All GDR by TGF projecst try to obtain the unbiased information about transgender people and the ways to depathologize transgenders. The GDR by TFG mission is to reduce the transfobia level within the society. The purpose of all studies is to elaborate evidence-based recommendations for advocacy and reduction of transgender discrimination in different domains of the economic, social and cultural life.

We are open for the collaboration in conducting studies on behalf of the transgender society, their support and sharing.

Our activities

Our activities are focused on improving of the transgender people life quality. This group of people is one of the most socially vulnerable. They also need medical and surgical care without which sometimes prosperous social adaptation is simply impossible. Our work and efforts are concentrated on it and already improved the quality of transgender people life in several aspects.

  • Social adaptation
  • Health care
  • Psychological help
  • Raising awareness

Our tasks

One of the most important tasks we have set for ourselves is to convey information to the cisgender population on the difficulties these facing transgender people daily because these problems often arise on the basis of a misunderstanding of transgender phenomena in general.

Our activities are aimed at reducing the level of rejection and misunderstanding transgenderism among ordinary people.

  • Information about transgenderism as a phenomenon
  • Personal stories of transgender
  • The difficulties faced by transgender
  • Requests of transgender community

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There are some examples of our science research work.



Our diverse projects are presented on the Internet and designed for transgender people as well as for cisgender people.

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We are open for the collaboration in conducting studies on behalf of the transgender society, their support and sharing.

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Work Process

The process of creating a new research or project follows along the next steps,